Did This Pathetically Skinny 22 Year Old 'Kid' Really Gain 20 Lbs. Of Rock Hard Mass In Just 90 Days...By Flatly Refusing To Eat Big..Lift Big..Or Take Any Supplements?

Dear Friend,

On a late spring afternoon  years ago,two  young men joined the gym.

They were very similar,these two young men.

Both were tall.

Both were skinny..almost malnourished.

And both..had a dream.

They wanted to get buff.

Two years later...

They met again at the same gym.

They were both still very much alike.

Both had been following the exact same workout program...same supplements..very similar diets...

..But there was one difference.

One was still skinny.

The other had gotten buff.

What Made The Difference

Have you wondered,as I have what makes this kind of difference in people's results?

I mean..how can two skinny,wimpy guys follow the same workout...and see completely different results?

It's obviously not about how much food,which exercises..how much weight..or even how many reps they were doing...

The difference was in HOW they did ONE rep.

One thought his chest would grow just by pushing heavy weight on a bench press..

..the other realized he would have to learn the 'secrets' to contracting his chest while doing a bench press...

One thought he would get that sexy v-shape just by doing pullups...

The other realized he would have to learn the 'secrets' to engaging his lats while doing a pullup...

One thought he would grow simply by lifting more weight every week...

..the other realized your muscles don't understand weight...rather they understand tension..and so he would have to learn the 'secrets to creating tension in his muscles...

And so..two years later..

One remained skinny..the other got buff.

One still felt ashamed and embarrassed of his skinny arms...bony ribs...hollow kiddish chest...

The other felt full..thick..adequate..commanded immediate attention and created instant attraction wherever he went.

One kept cursing his genetics...the other crushed his genetics.

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